"More help means more dirt; more dirt means more fun!"
— Alfie's motto, Jack Jumps In

  • Number: 12
  • Built: 1960

Alfie is a green excavator.


Alfie was first seen working at the quarry and made good friends with Jack after Max roared pass by them, and Jack managed to tell him to stop bullying. He was later glad when Miss Jenny allowed him to stay with The Pack. Later, Alfie helped save a family of kittens from a building Oliver was demolishing. Later, he almost sank into a muddy pond, but Byron rescued him. He was involved in the restoration of Great Waterton and helped construct a bandstand.


Alfie is a friendly machine who gets on well with his work and never minds getting dirty or mucky during jobs.


Alfie is painted green with his number painted on his sides and on the back of his cab in white.



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