"Why 'tis a giant basket with folk in it.
Whatever will they dream up next?
— Donald and Douglas, James and the Big Red Balloon

Donald and Douglas
  • Numbers: 9 and 10, formerly 57646 and 57647
  • Class: CR 812 0-6-0
  • Designer: John F. McIntosh
  • Builder: St. Rollox Works
  • Built: 1899
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1959

Donald and Douglas (originally known by their numbers, 57646 and 57647, respectively) are twin Scottish mixed-traffic engines.


Railway Series

Donald and Douglas arrived in 1959 to help out with goods. Originally, the Fat Controller set for only 57646 (Donald) but 57647 (Douglas) was smart knowing he had no chances if he stayed on the Other Railway. They caused a series a mishaps which included misplacing an important coach, crashing into a signal box, and crushing the Spiteful Brake Van. They did however, work well in the snow and rescued Henry who been stuck in a snow drift. The engines made Percy their 'deputation' to convince the Fat Controller to allow Donald and Douglas to stay in fear they would be scrapped if they returned to the Other Railway. The Fat Controller eventually allowed them to stay by offering them a new coat of paint

They now work on either the Little Western, the Main Line, and occasionally help Edward and BoCo on the Wellsworth-Brendam Branch Line.


Donald and Douglas are cheery, friendly, and helpful. They like jokes too. They do however get the job done in the end and are a valuable assit to the Fat Controller's railway.


Donald and Douglas are painted BR black.


They will appear in Vinnie the Big Bully.






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