"Do it right!"
— Fergus, Bill, Ben and Fergus

  • Class: Aveling and Porter T9
  • Designer: Aveling and Porter
  • Builder: Aveling and Porter
  • Built: 1926
  • Configuration: 2-2-0WT

Fergus is a railway traction engine.


Fergus is a traction engine, who was called the "Pride of the Cement Works." When Diesel came to help out, he was tricked into going to the Smelter's Yard. However, he escaped and hid on an old track until Thomas came looking for him. Now, he works happily at the Cement Works. He was later helped fix the Lighthouse after a power surge from a thunderstorm, and helped save a ship from hitting the rocks, all thanks to Salty's clever thinking.


Fergus is based on an Aveling and Porter 19.


Fergus is painted navy with gold boiler bands and red wheels.


He will appear in the sixth season.


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