"Judy! Jerome? Emergency!"
— Judy and Jerome, whenever they're awoken

Judy and Jerome

Judy and Jerome, originally The Breakdown Train are breakdown cranes.


Thomas first encountered Judy and Jerome in a siding at Knapford Station Yard, where they thought there was an emergency. He later collected them after James' accident with some trucks.

After Rocky arrived and the Search and Rescue Centre was built, Judy and Jerome became obsolete. They remained on their siding at Knapford for several years, eventually being noticed by Ryan. Looking for a change in scenery, they had him take them to Arlesburgh Harbour. However, the sea air caused their gears to not work properly, so they asked Oliver, who was passing by, to move them somewhere else. He took them to a field on the Little Western, but they quickly grew bored there. When Duck passed by, they asked him to move them somewhere else, so he took them to the Blue Mountain Quarry. However, Daisy soon derailed on the other side of the island from the Search and Rescue Centre, and Judy and Jerome were missing, meaning that Thomas would have to go all the way to the Search and Rescue Centre from Knapford to get Rocky. However, Ryan was able to track them down and bring them to Daisy. Happy to be useful again, Judy and Jerome were taken to Arlesburgh that night. Sir Topham Hatt then decided to relocate them to Arlesburgh permanently, allowing them to handle emergencies on the west side of the island while Rocky handled the east.


Judy and Jerome take their job as breakdown cranes very seriously. They are always ready for an emergency and respond with zeal and vigour.


They will appear in the eighth season.


They will appear in The Adventure Begins (Sequel).


  • Timothy and Dennis is the first episode with Judy and Jerome's faces, because it was the first episode of Thomas' Sodor Adventures to be released after The Adventure Begins.
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