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"I did something very bad."
— Luke, Blue Mountain Mystery

  • Number: SR 22
  • Builder: Kerr Stuart
  • Built: 1922
  • Gauge: 2ft 3in
  • Configuration: 0-4-0ST

Luke is a green narrow gauge engine who usually works at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


When Luke first arrived on Sodor, he believed he accidently knocked Victor into the sea, and believed he had been scrapped, so he hid at the Blue Mountain Quarry fearing he might be sent away if anyone found out until Thomas managed to find out that he hadn't actually been the cause of this, and now works regularly at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Luke is a plucky little pea-green tank engine on the Skarloey Railway, brought to Sodor from a neighbouring land. For a long time, he hid in fear and deep shame in the tunnels and caverns of the Blue Mountain Quarry from a terrible, dark secret, only in the knowledge of the other narrow gauge engines, believing that he had caused a yellow engine to fall into the sea. Fortunately, he befriended and trusted Thomas, who investigated and realised the yellow engine was Victor and that the accident had not been Luke's fault, managing to clear his name. Luke is a gentle, sensitive soul and is bubbling with enthusiasm, keen to work as part of the team. Like many engines, there are times when he may want to run away and be left alone and he may not be quick to stick up for himself either, but when there is someone in need, Luke is passionate about showing how much he values his friends and will bravely heave into action without second thought.


Luke is painted green with white lining. His name is painted in white on his tanks. He has red buffer beams and silver buffers.




  • Luke's number is derived from the year his basis was built, 1922.
  • Luke's whistle sound is Rheneas' at a lower pitch.
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