Madison the new engine There was a new engine on the island of sodor. Her name was Madison. Gordon arrived at the station very happy to meet her. Madison was big and strong like Gordon. The fat controller introduced each other and told Madison that she needed to learn the express line. Gordon was impressed and believed that he might need help after all. But the only coaches Madison could find was Gordon's express coaches but her driver thought they were fine. Madison was very happy. Gordon was puffing towards Brendan docks, he had to stop at a signal to let Madison go passed, he didn't mind but he was cross when he saw Madison with his coaches and was rude to her. Thomas and Percy were rude as well. Gordon was told to use Annie and clarabel and Thomas was told to go to the docks to get new coaches by the fat controller. Oliver was shunting trucks in the yard until Madison arrived. Oliver told her they were Gordon's coaches and Madison went to find Gordon to apologise. As she was finding her way to Gordon, Thomas had just uncoupled from the new coaches and went along the crossing but broke down. Soon there was a whistle. It was Gordon who had just finished with Annie and clarabel and was racing so fast but to busy thinking about Madison that he didn't know Thomas was broken down in front of him. Madison raced and shunted Thomas out of the way. Soon they met Madison and Gordon apologised to each other and Madison's coaches was proudly presented by sir topham hat. Now Madison and Gordon have the express line shared.

Thomas, Madison, Gordon, Oliver, Sir Topham Hat, Madison's driver, Percy (does not speak), James (cameo), Emily (cameo), Toad (cameo), cranky (cameo) fisherman (cameo), katford station master (cameo), signalman (cameo), Annie and clarabel (mentioned)

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