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"Flatten my fenders!"
"Not my fault!
— Max and Monty, On Site with Thomas

Max and Monty
  • Numbers: 15 and 16, respectively
  • Built: 1959

Max and Monty are devious and troublesome dump truck twins.


Max and Monty have been known to cause much trouble over the years with The Pack, such as, knocking over the Lightning Tree, falling into a ditch whilst testing a new race track, and causing Patrick to fall into a pile of cement. However, they did work hard on the restoration of Great Waterton.


Max and Monty are usually devious and cause trouble for everyone they come into contact with. They are known to cause trouble, but are sternly scolded by Miss Jenny when they are found out. Despite being unruly at times with dangerous stunts, they both have a good side – somewhere – and do their work like everyone else.


Max and Monty are painted red with grey dumpers. Their numbers are painted in white on their sides. Max has a thick front bumper, whilst Monty has a "two pipe-type" front bumper.