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"Have you worked Marseille?"
— Salty, Peace and Quiet

  • Class: BR Standard 9F
  • Designer: Robert A. Riddles
  • Builder: Crewe or Swindon Works
  • Built: sometime between 1954 and 1960
  • Configuration: 2-10-0

Murdoch is one of Sodor's largest and strongest engines.


Murdoch came to the Island to help out with the heavy goods trains. He was first annoyed by the noise the engines made, and longed for some peace and quiet. The next day, he was taking a goods train through the countryside and was enjoying the peace and quiet until some sheep ran over his line, and made a lot of noise. After that, he has enjoyed Harvey and Salty's company at the Sheds.


Murdoch is based on a BR Standard 9F.


Murdoch is as shy as he is strong, as he is actually a gentle giant. He can often be found seeking peace and quiet, away from the bustle of the yards and the Docks. He enjoys long hauls through the countryside and, although he can get short of patience and a little annoyed if he does not get some alone time, he can be quite a reserved engine. Although he can be an independent worker, Murdoch is often content to join in, help, and offer advice where he deems it worthy, but, despite being hard to miss due his defining strength and size, he will not jump to put himself at the centre of attention.


Murdoch is painted orange with green and red lining. He has smoke deflectors, on which he wears red nameplates with gold lettering.


He will appear in the seventh season.



  • Murdoch shares the same whistle sound with Arthur.


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