"Please tell everyone that whatever happens elsewhere, Steam will still be at work here. We shall be glad to welcome all who want to see, and travel behind, real engines."
— The Fat Controller, Enterprising Engines
"A long time ago, on the Island of Sodor, there was a little railway known as the North Western."
— Narrator, The Adventure Begins

A map of Sodor's railway network in the style of Amos Wolfe

The North Western Railway (abbreviated NWR) is The Fat Controller's Railway and was first created in 1914 after a government-funded joining of Sodor's standard gauge railways. The railways involved were the Sodor and Mainland, the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Light, and the Wellsworth and Suddery Railways. In 1948, it became the "North-Western Region of British Railways", but this term was never used as the railway kept its operating independence. With Privatisation in the early 1990s, it officially became the North Western Railway.


  • The Main Line
  • Norramby Branch Line
  • Kirk Ronan Branch Line
  • Peel Godred Branch Line
  • Edward's Branch Line
  • Thomas' Branch Line
  • The Little Western
  • Quarry Branch Line
  • Ulfstead Branch Line
  • Toby's Branch Line
  • The Loop Line
  • Stepney's Branch Line
  • Misty Valley Branch Line
  • Killdane Branch Line
  • Harwick Branch Line

The Fat Controller's Railway

The standard gauge railway on Sodor is affectionately known as The Fat Controller's Railway. It is greatly expanded with many more engines. The railway's largest station (and presumed headquarters) is located at Knapford. Its railway works are the Sodor Steamworks, located at Crovan's Gate and the Vicarstown Dieselworks.

The Engines

North Western Railway
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