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"This little steam engine certainly packs a punch, he's incredibly strong for such a small light engine!"
— The Announcer, Meet the Contenders

  • Configuration: 0-4-0VBT
  • Number: 166
  • Designer: Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd.
  • Builder: Sentinel Waggon Works

Raul is a feisty Brazilian vertical boiler engine who participated in the Shunting Challenge at The Great Railway Show at least twice and was a former champion.


Raul is a feisty little tank engine who may look like a Diesel. All the way from the sunny heights of Brazil, this little shunter is strong and agile, making him the perfect candidate for the Shunting race.


Raul is based on a series of vertical-boilered steam locomotives built by Sentinel in 1931 for the São Paulo Railway. The real engine carrying his number is still in service at the Amsted Maxion railway equipment factory in Cruzeiro, Brazil, and is built to run on broad gauge rails, whereas Raul is standard gauge.


Raul is painted yellow with blue and green lining. He has yellow and black hazard stripes painted across his running board and bufferbeams, and his buffers are silver. He also bears his number, 166, on the side of his cab.



Promotional videos:

  • Rocking Raul


  • Raul is painted in the colours of the Brazilian flag.
  • Raul's whistle is Rheneas' at a higher pitch.
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