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"Samson here, at your service!"
— Samson's catchphrase

  • Number: 15
  • Builder: Neilson & Co.
  • Configuration: 0-4-0ST
  • Built: 1867

Samson is a cabless tank engine.


When Samson first arrived on the Island, he was delivering dinosaurs for the Earl's new Dinosaur Park at Ulfstead Castle, but he got lost and as a result ended up staying the night at the Blue Mountain Quarry until morning when he got directions. Later, he had to collect stone from the Blue Mountain Quarry, but accidently took Gordon's express coaches. He also took unnecessary things whilst collecting scrap with Harvey. He dislikes making mistakes and does not like to ask for advice.


Samson is a dignified tank engine with a lot of pride for the work he does. He rarely asks for help or advice to avoid seeming inexperienced around the Island. He is also quite arrogant, believing himself to be the Island's strongest tank engine.


Samson is painted in a green-grey livery with red lining.


  • Season 4 - Serious Samson, The Wrong Sort of Coal, and Saved by the Belle
  • Season 5 - The Big City Engine (cameo), Bert Tries His Best, Stanley's Branch Line (cameo), Return of the Spotless Record, and Samson and Logan
  • Season 6 - Percy and the Problem with Snakes, Samson's Waste Dump, and James and the Royal Train
  • Season 7 - Samson's Shortcuts
  • Season 8 - Bradford Returns



  • Samson is named after the current railway consultant Sam Wilkinson.
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