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January 13th, 2014

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The first season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures aired on January 13th, 2014 on BBC. It continued airing until February 17th.


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EmilyHelpsOut "Emily Helps Out" January 13th, 2014 #01
Thomas is cross at Emily for taking Annie and Clarabel.
PercySavestheDay "Percy Saves the Day" January 14th, 2014 #02
Percy is worried about a wobbly track, but no one will listen.
BoCoHelpsOut "BoCo Helps Out" January 15th, 2014 #03
BoCo is sent to work at the quarry, but trouble arises at a landslide.
RockyBridges "Rocky Bridges" January 16th, 2014 #04
Skarloey is afraid to cross an old bridge, but must do so to save Rheneas.
EdwardGetsitRight "Edward Gets it Right" January 17th, 2014 #05
Bertie takes the brass band to the concert as Edward is at The Works, but gets bogged down in mud.
Henry'sHappyDay "Henry's Happy Day" January 20th, 2014 #06
Henry is ill, but Thomas and Percy do not believe him.
JamesandtheBigRedBalloon "James and the Big Red Balloon" January 21st, 2014 #07
Thomas and James are scared a hot air balloon will steal their passengers.
TheRefreshmentLady'sNewTeaShop "The Refreshment Lady's New Tea Shop" January 22nd, 2014 #08
The Refreshment Lady's tea coach is damaged by a storm and Peter Sam tries to help the Refreshment Lady restore the coach.
Harvey'sGoodsTrain "Harvey's Goods Train" January 23rd, 2014 #09
Harvey pulls a goods train for the first time.
TobySavestheLambs "Toby Saves the Lambs" January 24th, 2014 #10
When Daisy blows her horn and it scares Dusty Miller's sheep by accident, Toby and Daisy must find them again.
ShortcuttoCastleLoch "Shortcut to Castle Loch" January 27th, 2014 #11
Donald and Douglas meet disaster when taking a special load to Castle Loch.
Rheneas'RollerCoaster "Rheneas' Roller Coaster" January 28th, 2014 #12
Rheneas has a wild ride after venturing onto an old mountain line.
Salty'sStory "Salty's Story" January 29th, 2014 #13
Salty and Fergus work hard to save a ship after the Lighthouse's generator breaks down.
OliverandtheSnowman "Oliver and the Snowman" January 30th, 2014 #14
Oliver hates snow and is unhappy when he collides with a giant snowman.
FishyTroubles "Fishy Troubles" January 31st, 2014 #15
The Fat Controller wants Arthur away from the Fishing Village for a bit and chooses Thomas in his place, but he isn't so keen.
DashingDuncan "Dashing Duncan" February 3rd, 2014 #16
Duncan's carelessness nearly spoils the opening of a park.
BigStrongMurdoch "Big Strong Murdoch" February 4th, 2014 #17
Murdoch longs for quiet time in the countryside but is dismayed when he encounters a flock of sheep.
FergusandDiesel "Fergus and Diesel" February 5th, 2014 #18
Diesel tricks Fergus into venturing into the scrapyard.
BulgyReturns "Bulgy Returns" February 6th, 2014 #19
Bulgy is brought back into service for the summer workload, but the chickens are not keen on leaving their henhouse.
HaroldandtheFlyingClimbers "Harold and the Flying Climbers" February 7th, 2014 #20
Harold saves some climbers from falling off a cliff on the Skarloey Railway and this makes Percy believe that people can fly after all.
TheGrandOpeningArrives "The Grand Opening Arrives" February 10th, 2014 #21
Skarloey is often delayed as he has to take workmen to repair the line, but his lateness comes in handy one day.
TrustaDiesel "Trust a Diesel" February 11th, 2014 #22
James is suspicious of Paxton, but Paxton soon proves his worth.
GordonandSpencertheFastEngines "Gordon and Spencer the Fast Engines" February 12th, 2014 #23
Gordon meets a splendid but arrogant streamliner named Spencer, who ignores his advice.
ThomasandtheSnow "Thomas and the Snow" February 13th, 2014 #24
A snowdrift almost prevents Elizabeth from getting some Christmas puddings to the harbour on time.
RustyandtheBridgeRepairs "Rusty and the Bridge Repairs" February 14th, 2014 #25
Duncan ventures onto an old bridge and Rusty comes to the rescue.
Thomas'ThreeCheers"Thomas' Three Cheers February 17th, 2014 #26
Thomas races Bertie again, but he has to go back to Knapford to pick up the Sports Day medals.


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