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March 10th, 2014

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Season 3

The second season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures started airing on BBC on March 10th, 2014. It finished on August 8th, 2014.


  1. Slow Coaches - Annie and Clarabel turn out to have a high-speed adventure when they break away from Thomas on a hill.
  2. Frozen Owen - Some icicles jam Owen at the Blue Mountain Quarry and he cannot move at all.
  3. Race with the Mail - Percy and Harold compete against each other to see who can deliver the most mail.
  4. Special Brakes - Peter Sam has been fitted with some special brakes, but they soon cause him to crash.
  5. Races - Max and Monty have a fall out after having a race.
  6. Fergus and the Electric Engines - Fergus has to be a generator for the Peel Godred line, but he isn't so keen.
  7. Duck and Dilly - Duck gets teased by the big engines after meeting Dilly at Tidmouth Hault.
  8. Stories of the Sea - Murdoch gets annoyed with Salty's sea stories.
  9. Stanley to the Rescue - A school bus drives into a flood and Stanley comes to rescue the people who were inside the bus.
  10. Henry's Fire Rescue - Henry's Forest catches on fire.
  11. Rheneas' Risky Ride - Rheneas is told to deliver some inspectors and show them around the Skarloey Railway, but starts to become a runaway on the Rocky Ridge line.
  12. Molly's Coal Delivery - Daisy laughs at Molly for having empty trucks.
  13. Danger in the Mountains - Wilfred saves Patrick from a landslide in the mountains.
  14. Trouble on the Line - Smudger is given a second chance on the narrow gauge railway, but starts to ride roughly and is once again turned back into a generator.
  15. Small Engines - Oliver plays a joke on the other engines using the Arlesdale Railway.
  16. Mike and James - Mike and James develop a rivalry.
  17. Gordon and the Bend - Gordon goes too fast on Knapford Bend.
  18. Hiro and the Coaches - Hiro comes to pull Gordon's Express, but Diesel has a hard time trusting him.
  19. Dave's New Home - Dave refuses to sleep in the Dieselworks, so the Fat Controller tries to find another home for him.
  20. Scottish Engines - Donald, Douglas and Duncan help Lord Callan set up a party at Castle Loch.
  21. Alfie's Lucky Day - Alfie is having a day of bad luck after accidentally damaging a work shed at Tidmouth Sheds.
  22. Fred Goes on Strike - Fred decides to go on strike, so he could get out of work.
  23. That's My Special - Bear is disappointed when James is told to show the island inspectors around the island, but his chance comes when the brake coach in James' train breaks away on a hill.
  24. Disaster on Sodor - After Peter Sam has an accident, the whole island starts having accidents.
  25. Stepney's Journey Out - Stepney returns to Sodor after a long absence.
  26. Flying Scotsman Departs - It is Flying Scotsman's last visit to Sodor and the engines want to make a special goodbye party for him.


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