Season 5









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November 9th, 2015

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Season 4

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Season 6

The 5th Season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures started to air on November 9th, 2015. It'll finish sometime in 2016.


  1. Sodor Snowstorm - The engines at Tidmouth Sheds are snowed in from a snowstorm.
  2. Henry to the Rescue - After the snowstorm, Harold rescues many people, which starts to get him cocky, which gets Henry annoyed.
  3. Snow Rescue - Bertie is stuck in the snow after the snowstorm, and Butch has to go and rescue him, but he has a difficult time too.
  4. The Big City Engine - The Big City Engine returns to the island, but is less than impressed.
  5. Nigel - Nelson is overworked, so Nigel comes out of an old shed and replaces Nelson while he's away.
  6. Bert Tries His Best - Bert has to pull a long train of ballast for Blisters I and II when they can't start up during the winter.
  7. Percy and James - Percy and James start to form a rivalry.
  8. Thumper and the Avalanche - Thumper wants to prove to Rusty and the other engines that he's learned.
  9. Bumble Bucket - Max and Monty keep on teasing Ned while building new townhomes, which eventually leads to disaster.
  10. Silver Steam - Spencer boasts to Stephen that's he faster and bigger than he is, so Stephen decides that Spencer should push him along the line.
  11. Sodor Wash Day - It is Sodor Wash Day on the Island of Sodor, and Scruff is in the washing challenge, but he is very nervous of being cleaned.
  12. Culdee and the Enthusiasts - Some enthusiasts come to the Culdee Fell Railway, and Culdee is chosen to take them.
  13. Stanley's Branch Line - Stanley wants his own branch line, but when Thomas has an accident on his branch line while avoiding Toby, Stanley is sent in his place.
  14. Return of the Spotless Record - Arthur is worried that his spotless record will be ruined again.
  15. Peter Sam and the Prickly Problem - Peter Sam runs into some prickles on the line, and the workmen have to cut the prickles in front of Peter Sam's face.
  16. Samson and Logan - Samson is sent to the Coaling Plant to work with Logan.
  17. Bears/A Bear on the Line - Gordon makes fun of Bear's name, but gets his just desserts when he meets a bear himself in Henry's Forest.
  18. A Surprise for Oliver - Oliver is surprised when Philip unintentionally makes him think he's faster than he really is.
  19. No Need for Timothy - Bill and Ben think that Timothy is no need at the clay pits.
  20. Diesel and the Thunderstorm - A storm rolls into Sodor and it causes Diesel to break down.
  21. Traction Troubles - Rex's brakes wear out and he becomes a runaway.*
  22. A Vintage Coach - Henrietta is insulted when Bulgy calls her a "vintage coach".*
  23. Jerome and the Fish - Jerome and Judy are asked to work at the Fishing Village, but a crane accidentally drops fish on Jerome and he hates the smell of it.*
  24. Concrete Troubles - Patrick's concrete goes out of control after laying some on a park.*
  25. Smoke Signals - Duncan boasts that he doesn't need help from Harold, but while the workmen and Rusty come across a fallen tree, Duncan goes down the wrong line and crashes into a mine.*
  26. Old Enemies - Stepney meets 'Arry and Bert for the first time since they almost scrapped him.*

* - Exclusive to DVD.


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