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Season 6









Air date

September 5th, 2016

Preceded by

Season 5

Followed by

Season 7

The sixth season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures will air in September 2016.


  1. The New Diesel Fuel - All the Diesels start breaking down because of some new fuel and Thomas has to rescue them.
  2. Percy and the Problem with Snakes - Toby tries to get Percy over his fear of snakes.
  3. Fred, Sir Handel and Duncan - Fred, Sir Handel, and Duncan get into an argument about who is to blame for a near-accident.
  4. Samson's Waste Dump - When Whiff is sent to the works after an accident at the waste dump, Samson becomes in charge, but doesn't quite get the hang of it.
  5. Belle the Brave - Belle has a fear of high winds, which gets in the way of a rescue up by Kirk Machan.
  6. Molly and the Fish - Arthur has to go the Steamworks for a service, so Molly takes charge of his fish duties. However, she gets embarrassed when others make fun of her smell.
  7. Fred and Colin - Fred is sent to the Wharf, but he doesn't get on very well with Colin.
  8. Mystery Coming Through - Charlie claims he saw a phantom, but nobody believes him, so Emily tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.
  9. Overheated! - Dennis decides to use the excuse that he's overheated to get out of work.
  10. Windy Skiff - During a windstorm, Skiff's anchor breaks and he sails along the Arlesburgh-Harwick Branch Line.
  11. American Engines - Hank meets Sam, but the two form a rivalry.
  12. Name Calling! - The engines start making insulting names about each other.
  13. Thumper Helps Out - Thumper is sent to work with The Pack.
  14. Marion and Ned - Ned is sent to the Clay Pits, and Marion is excited to meet another steam shovel.
  15. I'm the Leader - Rex and Mike argue about who is the leader of the Arlesdale Railway.
  16. Toad and Hector - Toad gets scared when Hector returns to The Little Western.
  17. Sidney's Search Party - Sidney helps Farmer McColl find his lost sheep.
  18. Too Loud for Murdoch - Murdoch is sent to work at a construction site, but he soon is annoyed with all the noise.
  19. Cold for Christmas - Rheneas is upset when one of his passengers' sons is sick for Christmas.
  20. Bulgy the Humbug - Bulgy hates Christmas and starts making it miserable for the road vehicles, so they decide to hold a Christmas party for him.
  21. A Boring Christmas - When the Clay Pits close for the winter, Bill and Ben are sent to Tidmouth to shunt trains.
  22. Diesel's Christmas Surprise - Paxton plans a Christmas surprise for Diesel to make him happy.
  23. Ryan and the Snow - Ryan doesn't like snow, but when a large snowdrift falls onto the line, he has to push the snow out of the way.
  24. Timothy the Ghost Engine - After the twins tease Molly, Timothy decides to teach Bill and Ben a lesson.
  25. James and the Royal Train - When Queen Elizabeth comes back to Sodor, James wants to pull the Royal Train.
  26. Edward and the Express - Edward proves to Gordon he can pull the Express.


Bert, Mr. Percival, the rest of the Skarloey Railway, and the rest of The Pack are likely to appear.

The Culdee Fell engines may also appear.

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