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The seventh season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures is set to air in 2016, or 2017.


  1. Young and Old - Edward teaches Percy on his branch line after Percy nearly collides with the Express.
  2. Toby and the Snowplough - After Toby’s snowplough breaks, he has to use his cowcatchers to clear the tracks for some workmen, and Mavis
  3. Love for the Sea - Duck discovers Salty’s love for the sea, and the two hit it off, despite Oliver's protests.
  4. Salty and the Small Engines - When Salty is told to work on the Little Western, he meets the Arlesdale Railway engines.
  5. Samson's Shortcuts - The Fat Controller wants Samson to bring stone to the Blue Mountain Quarry, but he has to take shortcuts to get there due to track repairs.
  6. Bertram's Discovery - Bertram finds Smudger and several other Mid Sodor Railway engines at his mine.
  7. Butch Gets it Right - Algy ignores Butch's advice about safety.
  8. Ryan and the Trucks - Ryan is having a hard time with the troublesome trucks and they almost make him fall off a cliff.
  9. Skarloey the Leader - Skarloey starts to question his leadership skills when Max and Monty arrive at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  10. Derek and Diesel - Derek tries to copy Diesel, but this just causes confusion and delay.
  11. The New Master of the Railway - 'Arry and Bert think Hiro doesn't deserve his title.
  12. Trap Points - Henry thinks that trap points are no need at all, but proves himself wrong when he almost has a collision with Gordon.
  13. Doing it Right - Fergus breaks a rule and starts to feel sorry for himself.
  14. Ambitions - The narrow gauge engines get annoyed when Freddie is overly competitive.
  15. Hank and the Flying Kipper - Hank takes the Flying Kipper but gets overconfident.
  16. Trucks for Scrap - BoCo has to deliver “The Scrap” to Crocks Scrap Yard.
  17. Porter the Perfectionist - Porter starts to nitpick everything that anyone does wrong.
  18. Blinded - Whiff breaks his glasses in a crash.
  19. Mavis and Thumper - Thumper goes to the Ffarquhar Quarry.
  20. Logan's Triumph - Hector assists Logan when he has to make an urgent coal delivery to Crovan’s Gate.
  21. Gordon's Brother - Spencer gets jealous when Flying Scotsman says he’s Gordon’s brother.
  22. The Blaze - A blaze sweeps across the Arlesdale Railway.
  23. Clashing Views - Stafford gets annoyed when Philip unintentionally annoys him and the other engines.
  24. Two-Faced - Norman is horrified by the two-faced Culdee Fell engines.
  25. George and the Trouble with Brakevans - After hearing Mavis complain about brakevans, George decides to pull a little prank, though it turns out his sense of humor is destructive.
  26. Thomas and Toad - Toad gets to be Thomas' brakevan for a day after the incident with George unfolds.


Daisy, the rest of the Skarloey Railway, and the rest of The Pack are likely to appear.


  • This will be the first season to use the Season 19 onward opening title and credits.
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