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The eighth season of Thomas' Sodor Adventures may air in 2017, or 2018.


  1. Sidney Saves the Day - Sidney sacrifices himself to save Thomas.
  2. Waddling Wilbert - Wilbert finds some ducks and the other engines laugh at him and call him 'Waddling Wilbert'.
  3. Henry Gets the Coaches - Henry gets to pull James' coaches while James is sent to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  4. Lampless Lance - A new engine named Lance arrives on Sodor to pull a midnight passenger train and refuses to go out with a lamp on.
  5. Bradford Returns - Bradford returns to Sodor and he is told to be James' brakevan for the day, but James refuses to work with him due to the previous accident he had with another brakevan.
  • Railcar or Coaches? - Lance mistakes Daisy for a coach and tries to use her for his passenger train.
  • Roaring Ryan - Ryan is sent to work at the Dinosaur Park at Ulfstead Castle, but is scared of the dinosaur models that they have.
  • Saving Skarloey - Skarloey is trapped in Culdee Caves and the other engines try to get him out.
  • Mucking Mud - Max and Monty spray the rest of the Pack with mud and cause big trouble.
  • A Treasury Christmas - Marion finds an old torn apart Christmas tree and thinks it is treasure.
  • Snowploughing at Christmas - Donald and Douglas are busy ploughing the tracks on Christmas Eve which causes them to miss half of the Christmas party at Knapford.
  • The Diesel that Stole Christmas - Diesel 10 steals the Christmas decorations from a party and also steals the Christmas presents. It's up to the engines to stop Diesel 10 from ruining Christmas.
  • Goodbye Glynn - After being restored at Christmas time and having a race with Stephen. Glynn is returning to the Mainland at Christmas time, but the engines don't want him to go, so the Fat Controller tries to make Glynn stay on the island.


Characters introduced

Duck, The Small Railway engines, the rest of the narrow gauge engines, The rest of The Pack and Skiff are likely to appear.


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