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"What a small shed! This won't do at all! We're much too smart for this old shack!"
"I think it's nice.
Sir Handel and Peter Sam, A Bad Day for Sir Handel

Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds is where the locomotives and rolling stock of the Skarloey Railway rest.


Original Sheds

When the Skarloey Railway was introduced in the fourth season, the engine and carriage sheds were identical to their Railway Series counterparts, except reversed, and the wooden part of the shed had two tracks instead of one. They were still located at Crovan's Gate. In the eighteenth season, the sheds reappeared right behind Crovan's Gate station, however the carriage shed is missing, the brick shed does not have a back and the rails run right through them. They are also on a curve.

The Depot

From the sixth season onwards, the engine sheds have consisted of two brick sheds, one single lined, one double, and a double lined open wooden shed. These sheds are situated opposite a goods station and Mr. Percival's House. In the sixteenth season, the Depot reappeared in full CGI, with a standard gauge line (Stepney's Branch Line) running past the shed. The sheds are located between Bluebell Valley Station and Cros-ny-Cuirn.

In Thomas' Sodor Adventures, the engine sheds appear in its Season 6 onward design.

Other Sheds

There is a double shed at Rheneas station that is occasionally used. In the fifth season, a narrow gauge engine shed was built at Boulder Quarry, which was eventually closed down. The Fat Controller once refurbished an abandoned mine that contained a set of railway sheds, however only Bertram had been seen to stay there.