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"I'm the Duke and Duchess' private engine! I take them everywhere!"
— Spencer, Gordon and Spencer

  • Class: LNER A4 Pacific
  • Designer: Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Builder: LNER Doncaster Works
  • Built: Sometime between 1935 and 1938
  • Configuration: 4-6-2

Spencer is a sleek, streamlined engine privately owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.


Spencer came from the Mainland owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He boasted to Gordon about being the fastest engine in the world, but stopped boasting after he didn't listen to Gordon's advice to take on water and got stuck on the hill, and needed to be rescued by Gordon. He later came back and raced Edward, but lost after he fell asleep whilst the Duke and Duchess were taking photos, allowing Edward to overtake him and win the race.


Spencer is based on off the LNER A4. Mallard is another type of this class.


Spencer is very arrogant and pompous and considers himself to be above doing menial duties such as shunting. None of the engines like him, especially Thomas and Gordon. When he came to build the summer house, Spencer proved himself to be very nosey, sneaky, disobedient and rather neglectful.


Spencer is painted blue-grey with black lining.



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