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The Great Race (Promotional videos) is a series of promotional videos starring each new character in The Great Race in episodes which feature them as the main character. They are released every Wednesday starting from August 10th, 2016.


  1. Vinnie the Bully - The Fat Controller brings Vinnie to Sodor when Henry is ill, but he is very rude to the other engines, especially Philip.
  2. Red and Fast - James wants to go as fast as Axel, but only causes trouble.
  3. Rocking Raul - Raul is shunting the trucks really dangerously in the yard by shunting them very fast at sharp bends.
  4. Astonishing Ashima - Ashima returns to Sodor and helps the engines after they break down.
  5. Green Gina - Gina is sent to work on Duck's Branch Line after Oliver breaks down, but she gets lost while taking the train to Arlesburgh.
  6. Strong Shane - Shane has to take a long goods train to Sodor, but doesn't know the way and gets lost.
  7. Electric Étienne - Étienne is sent to work on the Peel Godred Branch Line and makes friends with the Peel Godred electric engines.
  8. Frieda's Freight - Frieda has to pull a very long goods train, but she struggles to pull it.
  9. Best Decorated Engine - Rajiv is sent to Sodor during May Day to compete in a 'Best Decorated Engine' competition.
  10. Ivan's Devious Deed - When Ivan is sent to work on Sodor, Diesel 10 has other plans to make him join him with the other diesels.

Cancelled Promotional videos

  1. Clattering Carlos


  • Yong Bao and Carlos are the only new characters in The Great Race to not have a promotional video, although, Carlos' video Clattering Carlos was cancelled as DonaldDouglasandOliver11 couldn't think of any ideas for the video.

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