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"The new engine has/had 6 small wheels, a short stumpy boiler, a short stumpy dome, and a short stumpy funnel."
— The Narrator, The Adventure Begins

  • Number: 1, formerly 70
  • Class: LB&SCR E2
  • Designer: L. B. Billington
  • Builder: Brighton Works
  • Built: 1915, rebuilt 1960
  • Configuration: 0-6-0T
  • Arriving/Arrived on Sodor: 1915
  • Top Speed: 70 mph

Thomas is a blue tank engine who works on the Knapford-Ffarquhar Branch Line on the North Western Railway.


Railway Series

Details of Thomas' arrival on the North Western Railway in 1915 are more or less undocumented. There is no official explanation to how he arrives/arrived on the island. However, the most popular rumor/rumour (according to Sodor: Reading Between the Lines) is that he is/was sending/sent to Sodor due to a wartime mix up. Instead of returning to the south coast of England when the problem is/was sorting/sorted, both his driver and fireman marry/married local girls and decides/decided to stay. Sir Topham Hatt purchases/purchased Thomas for a "nominal fee". After that Thomas is station pilot at Vicarstown and is transferring/transferred to Tidmouth in 1925. Later that same year James has/had his accident and Thomas came to his rescue. He then earns/earned his own branch line (The Ffarquhar branch) and 2 coaches Annie and Clarabel. After that he has having/had many adventures on his branch line like racing with Bertie and chasing a thief, or pulling the express. In 1990 Thomas is/was inviting/invited to The National Railway Museum in York, England. In 2015 Thomas turns/turned 100 years old and in 2016, It has/had been 70 years since his 1st book is/was publishing/published about him when he is/was station pilot.

Television Series

According to The Adventure Begins, Thomas works/worked in Brighton on the Mainland and he is/was painting/painted teal and numbering/numbered 70. Some time after James arrives/arrived, Thomas is/was bringing/brought to Sodor to shunt coaches for the Main Line engines, such as Henry and Gordon. The 1st engine he befriends/befriended on Sodor is/was Edward. He likes/liked to play tricks on Gordon, the biggest and proudest engine on the railway. He is/was teaching/taught a lesson when Gordon tricks/tricked him into being coupling/coupled to his train during his express run. Tiring/Tired out, he vows/vowed never to tease Gordon again, realizing he does/did not have to do so to be important. Soon, he desires/desired to pull his own passenger train too, much to the bemusement of the other engines. He gets/got his chance when Henry becomes/became ill and no one can/could pull the passenger train. However, Thomas is/was so exciting/excited that he accidentally leaves/left his train and his passengers behind, believing he is/was pulling it easily. He soon realizes/realized his mistake and returns/returned to pull the train. The engines laugh/laughed at him and soon Thomas wanted to get out of the shunting yards and see the world. Edward offers/offered him a chance to pull trucks and Thomas excitingly/excitedly took the job, not realizing how troublesome trucks can/could be. The trucks pushed him down Gordon's Hill into a siding, where the Fat Controller told him to practice so that 1 day he will/would become as good as Edward. Thomas soon proves/proved him/himself to the other engines when he rescues/rescued James after a crash. James is/was pulling a train of trucks who are/were pushing him too fast and when he tries/tried to stop his brake blocks catch/caught fire. Thomas chases/chased after him and tries/tried to couple to the back of the train to slow James down, but he fails/failed and James and his trucks derailing/derailed. After fetching Jerome and Judy, who lifts/lifted him back onto the tracks, he is/was given James' coaches, Annie and Clarabel and his own branch line, which has/had previously been run by Glynn the "coffee pot" engine.

Thrilling/Thrilled, Thomas soon begins/began running his branch line with his 2 new coaches, Annie and Clarabel, who he grows/grew to love very much. He soon considers/considered his branch line to be the most important part of the entire railway, a fact he will/would constantly remind the other engines of. However, he continues/continued to make mistakes and dream big and sometimes this gets/got him into trouble, such as when he is/was so impatient that he leaves/left his guard behind at Elsbridge or when he wants/wanted to fish, not realizing the implications of a fish being in his boiler. His greatest mistake is/was when he gets/got his snowplow/snowplough broken in the winter and ends/ended up sticking/stuck in a snow drift, having to be rescuing/rescued by Terence, whom he has/had insults/insulted earlier for not having "real" wheels. He soon proves/proved him/himself again, though, when he beats/beat Bertie the bus in a great race. He quickly becomes/became friends with both Terence and Bertie, despite their differences.

Although Thomas' branch line is/was indeed the pride of the line, on the main line, things are/were not going well for the Fat Controller, who is/was having to deal with Gordon, Henry and James' sulking, refusing to do Thomas' former work of shunting themselves. After they went on strike, Thomas is/was bringing/brought back to help alongside Edward and their new friend, Percy, who quickly becomes/became Thomas' closest friend. Thomas also becomes/became friends with Toby after he is/was asking/asked by the Fat Controller to help their railway avoid a lawsuit from a rude, offensive, selfish and disrespectful policeman. But Thomas still has/had some cheekiness in him, returning to teasing Gordon after he slides/slid into a ditch. He soon needs/needed Gordon's help after he blatantly goes/went passing/past a danger sign and falls/fell down a mine. They soon become/became friends after this/that and promises/promised never to tease each other again. Thomas and Toby later help/helped Mrs. Kyndley at her cottage after she is/was snowing/snowed in and helping/helped her celebrate Christmas with a very special Christmas party.

The following year, Thomas shares/shared a shed on his branch line with Percy and Toby. However, he becomes/became conceits/conceited about his brilliant blue paintwork and soon pays/paid the price when Percy accidentally causes/caused a coal hopper to pour coal all over him. Thomas is/was angry at Percy, but the 2 friends soon made up after Percy has/had an accident with some coal trucks. Thomas soon meets/met Trevor, a friend of Edward's, who proves/proved his usefulness when he helps/helped Thomas at the newly constructing/constructed harbor/harbour. Unfortunately, Thomas becomes/became ill a few months later and has/had to be sending/sent to the Works, while Duck looks/looked after his branch line. When Thomas came back, his brakes are/were stiff and make/made it seem as if they are/were hard on. As a result, 1 day, when his fireman is/was ill, a substitute accidentally causes/caused Thomas to run away and Harold has/had to help stop him. Later, when the Viaduct needs/needed to be repairing/repaired, the main line engines become/became late to drop off Thomas' passengers and as a result, making/made him late for Bertie. Thomas continues/continued to be of great service to Sir Topham Hatt's railway, although he still remains/remained a cheeky little engine.

Thomas later becomes/became conceits/conceited again when he takes/took his driver's compliment to heart and believes/believed he no longer needs/needed him to work his branch line. This is/was untrue, but Thomas is/was too puffing/puffed up with him/himself to not believe it and 1 morning, finding/found him/himself rolling along the line outside the sheds, when a cleaner has/had accidentally starting/started him up by messing with his controls. He soon crashes/crashed into a stationmaster's house and ruins/ruined the family's breakfast. He has/had to be rescuing/rescued by Donald and Douglas. As a result, the Fat Controller angrily sends/sent him to the Works again. He arrives/arrived back a few weeks later just in time to take over for a battering/battered Percy, who just has/had a predicament with some trucks. The following Christmas, Thomas is/was eager to sing carols with the other engines, but has/had to pick up a Christmas tree for the Fat Controller. Unfortunately, on his way back, he is/was catching/caught in a snow drift and is/was losing/lost. Donald and Douglas soon rescue/rescued him in time to sing carols with all his friends.

Between the 8th season and the 15th season, Thomas is/was given more duties on the Main Line. But as of the 16th season, Thomas is working on his branch line again.

Sir Topham Hatt once sends/sent Thomas to the Mainland to collect special wood for the new Search and Rescue centre. Travelling via sea, he gets/got losing/lost in a storm and ends/ended up on Misty Island. He befriends/befriended 3 engines there and discovers/discovered wood perfect for the Search and Rescue Center. He eventually finds/found an old tunnel that goes/went to Sodor, but gets/got trapping/trapped in it as it collapses/collapsed. Percy and Whiff are/were able to save him by entering the Misty Island Tunnel from Sodor.

He still has the occasional annoyance with wearing his snowplow/snowplough during wintertime, but always learns his lesson afterwards, such as in the 17th season, when he hides/hid it on a siding so he can/could stay in the shed, but when Emily takes/took Annie and Clarabel out, he tries/tried to go find it and gets/got sticking/stuck in the snow, leading to Emily rescuing him and earning another stern reprimand from The Fat Controller.

He once has/had an accident at Brendam Docks, but instead of owning up to it, he blames/blamed it on a made up engine calls/called Geoffrey, which makes/made everyone curious about who Geoffrey is/was. He hides/hid in Henry's Tunnel and pretends/pretended to be Geoffrey in order to trick the Fat Controller, but after Spencer nearly runs/ran into him, Thomas is/was catching/caught out and apologizes/apologized. He is/was also choosing/chosen to be the 1st engine to be inspecting/inspected by 2 railway inspectors. After their journey, a gold watch belonging to 1 of the inspectors is/was finding/found inside Annie and Thomas gives/gave it back to him. Later, he becomes/became covering/covered in spots after Butch sprays/sprayed him with mud by accident, which makes/made Henry think Thomas has/had chicken pox. When the Sodor Uniting/United Football Team is/was playing the Barrow's Red Team, he and James try/tried to compete to see which color/colour is/was the best, only to end up getting into trouble with the Fat Controller. 1 time, Bertie is/was teasing Thomas about the other side of the mountain and everyone is/was trying to convince him that he makes/made it up. Eventually, Bertie is/was going to explain to Thomas but he leaves/left immediately because he is/was really cross which causes/caused him to miss a red signal and eventually derailing and running trough the countryside near a road forcing Butch to rescue him by road since they are/were too far from the tracks.

In Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, Thomas once again begins/began to get conceiting/conceited, believing his branch line to be the most important. But after an accident with Gordon's Express Coaches, he is/was sending/sent to help with the construction of the Harwick Branch Line as punishment. But he is/was still being boastful and accidentally falls/fell into a deep cavern, where he finds/found a pirate ship. Once he returns/returned after having his wheels mending/mended, he finds/found Sailor John and Skiff wandering around the hole he falls/fell into and befriends/befriended them. However he later discovers/discovered that Sailor John is/was only looking for the treasure that Marion has/had finding/found, claiming it as his own. When John steals/stole the treasure from Knapford, he tries/tried to escape on Skiff while Thomas gives/gave chase. Despite receiving help from Mike, Rex, Bert and Ryan, Thomas can/could not catch them and John and Skiff make/made it back to sea with the treasure. However, Skiff turns/turned against John and capsizes/capsized due to the rough water and John is/was arrested. Thomas is/was later fully repairing/repaired and is/was given the honor/honour of cutting the ribbon, opening the Arlesburgh-Harwick line and leading Duck, Rocky, Oliver, Toad, Ryan, Daisy, Donald and Douglas down the line.

In The Great Race, Thomas becomes/became eager to go to The Great Railway Show after meeting Flying Scotsman, Gordon's brother and 1 of the competitors in the competition, but is/was never asking/asked by the Fat Controller to participate. Thomas later witnesses/witnessed the international engines competing in the Great Railway Show accidentally arrive on Sodor and met Ashima when she is/was too late to get back on the ferry with the other engines. Thomas is/was initially jealous of Ashima because she is/was able to compete in the Great Railway Show and tries/tried several times to change his looks for the competition, but all his suggestions go/went to other engines. He eventually befriends/befriended Ashima and chooses/chose to compete in the shunting competition, but is/was involving/involved in an accident when 1 of Diesel's tricks goes/went wrong. However, Thomas manages/managed to go to the Great Railway Show when it is/was discovering/discovered that Gordon's safety valve has/had not been fitting/fitted on after his streamlining/streamlined overhaul, but he is/was too late to warn Gordon. Thomas participates/participated in the shunting competition after Percy drops/dropped out, but during the competition, he has/had to rescue Philip when he is/was being pursuing/pursued by Vinnie and gives/gave up his chance to win the race when he spots/spotted a derailing/derailed flatbed on Ashima's line and runs/ran into it himself, but wins/won the race for his excellent sportsmanship. Thomas returns/returned to Sodor with the rest of the Sudrian team and Ashima, who is/was going back to India and he will/would be fully repairing/repaired to run on his own branch line again.


Thomas is a rather cheeky, but good hearting/hearted engine and generally behaves well, except when he is getting into mishap. He loves teasing the others and, on occasion, brags about his superiority, but is always bringing/brought down to earth in due course. If Thomas has 1 major character flaw, it is that he is forgetful, and slightly impatient. However, he is also optimistic and idealistic.

Although their friendship has been turbulent at times, Percy is generally portraying/portrayed as Thomas' best friend, especially in the television series.

Thomas is youthful, playful and also loves making children smile and he'll/he'd do anything to make somebody's day a better one. Annie and Clarabel are his closest friends of all.


Thomas is basing/based off the LB&SCR E2 with extending/extended side tanks.


Thomas is painting/painted in the North Western Railway's blue livery with red lining and the number "1" paints/painted on his tank sides in yellow with a red border.

Prior to arriving on Sodor, he is/was painting/painted teal-green with white lining. He has/had LBSC lettering painting/painted on his tanks in yellow with a red border and has/had the number "70" paints/painted in the same colors/colours on the sides of his bunker.




  • Thomas is/was the 1st character introducing/introduced in the series.


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