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{{Quote|Quick! Quick!<br/>Everyone find shelter!|A workman at Knapford Yards}}
|name = Thomas and the Storm
|season = A
|number = 1
|airdate = May 31st, 2014 (''Theaters'')<br/>August 11th, 2014 (''DVD'')
|writer = [[DonaldDouglasandOliver11]]
|director = [[DonaldDouglasandOliver11]]
|previous = N/A
|next = [[Gordon and Spencer: An LNER Rivalry]]}}
'''Thomas and the Storm''' is a [[Thomas' Sodor Adventures]] special released on August 11th, 2014 on DVD, a trailer was released on April 7th, 2014 and a clip was released on the Official Thomas' Sodor Adventures Website, the special was released in theatres on May 31st, 2014.
The Island of Sodor is as busy as ever during summer time, and a lot of engines are getting tired.
Salty: Yah matey! I'd say we should get some rest.
Porter: I agree...
...but when a storm rolls into Sodor...
Workman: Quick! Quick! Everyone find shelter! There's a storm coming!
Jack: What!
...and it is a very big storm indeed...
Thomas: What are you doing sir?
The Fat Controller: I'll have to go and warn lots of other engines yet.
And the storm causes trouble for the railway...
Thomas: Cinders and Ashes! The Windmill too?
The Fat Controller: The railway inspector is coming to Sodor soon, there's only two more days left and I have a slight feeling that Sodor won't be cleaned in time for his visit.
What will happen next?
Thomas: Me and the Fat Controller are going around the island to tell everyone to clean up Sodor, because the railway inspector is coming to Sodor on Friday, and we need everyone to help out."
Will Thomas be able to clean the storm in time for the railway inspector's visit?
Thomas: Just what can I do?
...or will the railway stay in ruins forever?
Thomas: W-What happened here?
Find out in...
Thomas and the Storm
Coming soon.
It was summer time on the Island of Sodor. Holidaymakers were coming to and from the island, they visited many beautiful places. The seaside, Trestle Bridge and the Brass Band's concert. The engines were always busy at this time of year, because of there being so many holidaymakers, Gordon needed an extra coach for the Express and more trucks were added to goods trains, and Harvey and the Breakdown Train and Edward and Rocky looked all over the island for anyone who is in trouble, but the docks were busier than ever, engines hauling and shunting, cranes lifting and loading, and barges coming in from the Mainland, but Salty and Porter were the ones who were tired the most "Yah matey! I'd say we should get some rest." said Salty, "I agree." said Porter, "We've been shunting all day, and we're the ones who've been shunting the most." he said, "Lucky for you two, but not me!", said Cranky crankily "I've been loading shipments from barges all day, and not once I've had any quiet time!". "Oh, Cranky!... You've always been acting like this!" said Porter, "I know, but I need rest and that's the only thing I want!" snapped Cranky. The two engines rolled their eyes and rolled away.
One morning, Thomas was puffing along his branch line pulling his faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel "Keep an eye out for Bertie, Clarabel." chuffed Thomas "I don't want him taking me by surprise." Clarabel rolled her eyes. "You should stop thinking about racing Thomas." she said, then Thomas saw Bertie on the bridge "And keep your eyes on the... woah!" "WOAH!" cried Annie and Clarabel together. Thomas blew his whistle at Bertie drove faster "Not so fast!" cried Clarabel, Thomas saw Bertie catching up to him "Maybe you should just give up now, Bertie!" said Thomas "You know I'm going to win." he said "You won't, if you don't look where you're going." said Bertie, Thomas looked in front of him and saw workmen flagging him down while rail work was being done on the track. "Thomas!" cried Annie "Look, the signal! The signal!" she cried, Thomas looked at the signal and then in front of him and saw Toby heading towards him in the other direction "Express Coming Through!" shouted Thomas, the signalman quickly switched the points "Uh, oh!" cried Toby as he put on his brakes hard, Thomas raced through the junction and avoided Toby who stopped just as Thomas raced through the junction "THOMAS!" shouted Toby, then Thomas went back onto his branch line, he saw Bertie ahead of him "Looks like I'm going to win this time." chuckled Bertie "Uh, oh!" Bertie looked in front of him and saw Oliver the excavator who was slowly trundling along the road, he was heading back to the yard after a hard works day.", Bertie tooted his horn loudly "Get out of the way!" shouted Bertie "Oh Bertie, I'm sorry." said Oliver "Ow!, don't push." "Better luck next time Bertie." called Thomas "Can you just let me-" "Move! Move! I'm losing! I'm losing!" said Bertie "TYPICAL! Why is it always me?" "Oh, I'm sorry, my friend." said Oliver as he passed an elderly man on a bicycle. Finally, Thomas puffed into Ffarquhar, Annie and Clarabel both panted "*pants* Thomas, you should know that the Fat Controller doesn't approve of you racing." scolded Annie, Thomas laughed "Nonsense!" he chuffed "What he does he know?" said Thomas "I've been racing on my branch line for years." "Well, I know your passengers don't like being bounced about like peas in a frying pan." said Clarabel "It's not fair!" huffed Bertie as he drove into the station "I'm always getting stuck behind slow vehicles." he said "Ever since summer came to a start on this railway." "Haha! You should take on a holiday Bertie." chuckled Thomas as he puffed out of the station.
After Thomas had delivered his passengers, he puffed into the yard where the other engines were, he tooted his whistle, "Afternoon everyone!" said Thomas, "Hello, Thomas." said Henry "Isn't it a lovely day?" asked Thomas, "Yes, but a very busy one indeed!" said Stepney, "I know." said Duck, "My branch line needed another engine, as there was only me, Oliver, Donald and Douglas, so Stepney was sent to help run the branch line with us." "Yes, indeed!" added Stepney "I was sent to help there because there was a lot of ballast at the junction, and the small engines were really busy." he said "That was also the first time I ever met the Arlesdale engines" said Stepney, "Yes, it sure was." said Oliver. Marion was also at the yards with dirt in her shovel, but when she heard the mention of the small engines. The dirt splashed out her shovel. "Small engines?!" she asked concernedly "Yes!" said Oliver. "Small engines!" Marion quickly grew excited. "Oh, you mean the magical engines?" asked Marion excitedly. Oliver rolled his eyes. "Yes, the magical engines, what you call them anyway..." "Oh, wow. I really want to see the magical steam engines again. I ''So!'' want to see them." Alfie got bored of listening to Marion already. "*sigh* Will you please be quiet Marion?" he asked. "Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry Alfie, I didn't mean to annoy you..." Then Bertie pulled up "I lost again!" he huffed "And all because I got stuck behind that slow excavator Oliver this morning." "Oliver!" said Jack "Where is Oliver anyway?" asked Alfie. "There he is!" cried Marion. Jack and Alfie both rolled their eyes. "We're talking about the excavator Marion." said Alfie "Oh, right." But that time when I saw ''two'' Olivers. I couldn't believe that I saw two Olivers." said Marion cheerfully. Oliver rolled his eyes, so did Jack and Alfie. Then a horn sounded "Oliver!" shouted Jack and Alfie together "Hello Jack! Hello Alfie! I'm sorry I took ages. I took a wrong turn." "Well at least you're here now!" said Jack "Oliver!" cried Marion excitedly, when Oliver the excavator came in, Marion grew even more excited than ever. "Oh, Oliver, do you want to play "Guess What's in my Shovel?" she asked. Oliver sighed "Marion, I don't want to play, I want to '''rest!'''" said Oliver "Here's what's in my shovel and..." Marion was surprised when she saw the dirt in her shovel was gone. "Oh, uh! Never mind!" blushed Marion. "Anyway!" said Oliver "It has been very busy with all these excited passengers coming to visit, hasn't it" "I know it has." said Terence. Just then Stafford came and shunted Oliver's goods train. "Here's your train Oliver." he said. "Oh thanks Stafford" said Oliver. "Thanks Stafford." said Oliver, "Now I can take this train to the junction." Then Thomas noticed Stafford panting with his face red "What's up, Stafford?" asked Thomas "You look hot and bothered?" "I am really much." said Stafford "More extra work for me, now all these holidaymakers are coming to the island, I have to constantly shunt trains for everyone, the island is more busier than ever, especially the docks" "Yes! The docks!" said Duck "That's the busiest place on the island yet!" said Stepney. Just then a gust of wind blew into the yard. "What was that?!" cried Terence, "Probably just a gust of wind." said Bertie, then another gust of wind blew into the yard and it was even stronger than Marion's shovel, which it made it blow down onto the tracks. "Ow!" cried Marion. "Are you alright, Marion?" asked Thomas "Yes, I'm alright." said Marion. Then once again, another gust of wind blew and this tim, it blew a truck over "Woah! gasped the engines, "The wind must have been stronger than that truck." said Henry, "A truck being blew over by wind? That's just crazy!" said Duck, "I know." said Stepney. Just then a workman came in worrying "Quick! Quick! Everyone find shelter!" he cried "Why, what's wrong?" asked Duck, "There's a storm coming." "What! Is it a very big storm?" asked Jack "Yes!" cried the workman "And you must all find shelter!" he said "OK!" said the engines and the workman left "Is this storm going to be bad, Mr. Oliver?" asked Toad, "I'm not sure Toad." said Oliver, "But according to the workman, it's going to be the biggest storm yet." "Oh, I don't like storms." said Marion "They're very scary." "I'm scared too Miss Marion." said Toad "But I'll have to just stay with it." "Don't worry." said Bulgy, "I'll tell all the others to find shelter." and Bulgy rolled away. "Why would there be a storm at summer time?" asked Annie "I don't know Annie." said Clarabel "It's probably because it has been very hot lately and because it has been so hot, they're trying to make everyone cool down." suggested Duck "Duck is right." said Oliver "If it's too hot then they let rain come and cool every living thing down." "The workman is right." said Stepney "We need to find shelter if this storm is going to be big!" So all the engines and road vehicles hurried away to find shelter. "Hey, what about me?" asked Stafford, but it was too late "Stafford's battery had gone out. "Oh dear!".
Meanwhile, the Fat Controller was working in his office then the telephone rang "Bother that telephone!" he said, he picked up the phone and put it to his ear "Hello!" "What?! A storm? Really? "Oh, this is bad." said the Fat Controller. He put the phone down and sighed "So there's going to be a storm on my railway." sighed the Fat Controller "I'd better tell the other engines." So he sat up from his chair and walked out of his office.
Thomas rushed back as fast as he could to Tidmouth Sheds "Is this storm going to be a very bad storm?" asked Annie, "I think so." said Clarabel "Thomas, do you know if this storm is going to be scary?" asked Annie, "Well, according to the workman it might." said Thomas "I'm worried!" said Annie, "Me too!" said Clarabel "*sigh* Calm down you two!" said Thomas, "I'm sure it won't be that bad!" he said "Well, if you say so Thomas." said Clarabel.
Thomas arrived at Tidmouth Sheds just in time, "Okay!" said Thomas "Let's see how many engines are there, so there's Edward, Henry, Geoffrey, Emily, Duck, Bear, and Gordon, but wait "Where's Percy?", "Don't worry." said Duck "He's hidden behind me.", Percy was hidden behind Duck "I'm right here Thomas!" he said worryingly, Thomas was relieved that his best friend was safe. He backed into the berth between Henry and Geoffrey "It's been quite windy today hasn't it." said Thomas "Yes, it has been indeed!" said Edward "I was pulling Rocky along the line and then a gust of wind blew and Rocky's crane arm started swinging about." he said "Here's one thing the wind did to me" said Gordon "I was puffing up my hill with the Express and then a gust of wind blew and it nearly blew me away!" said the big engine. "Well, this is quite the strangest thing we've seen." said Thomas "Well, me, Henry, Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Marion, Bertie, Terence, Jack, Alfie, Oliver the excavator and Bulgy were in the yard and the wind blew so hard that it blew a truck over." "Really?" asked Edward who was very confused. "That's just weird!" said Gordon "A truck being tipped over!" "But it did, didn't it Henry?" asked Thomas. "Yes Thomas, it sure did." said Henry. "Well, I was at Wellsworth and then a gust of wind blew into the yard and it nearly blew a coach over." said Geoffrey "Did it actually tip." asked Duck "Luckily no." said Geoffrey "It tipped but then it landed back on the rails again." he said. Henry looked down at his buffers worriedly. "I have to take the Flying Kipper tonight, but I don't want to be out there during the storm." he said. Thomas started to worry about Henry "Try and stay safe Henry." said Geoffrey. "I will Geoffrey." said Henry as he raced out of Tidmouth.
Henry arrived at the docks and waited for Porter to shunt the Flying Kipper for him quickly before the storm arrives. Then Porter puffed in "Here's the Flying Kipper, Henry." said Porter "Be quick now or the storm will get you." "I will." said Henry and he raced out of the docks as fast as he could. Henry worked hard to deliver fish to all the stations. Henry had finished delivering the fish and he puffed back to the sheds. "See!" said Henry "I'm still okay." "Phew!" said Thomas in a sigh of relief. Henry then backed into his berth just as the Fat Controller arrived "Hello, sir!" said the engines "Hello engines" said the Fat Controller "I'm just letting you know that this storm is going to be very fierce, so I'll have to shut your shed doors." he said. So the Fat Controller shut all the engine's doors "What are you doing, sir?" asked Thomas, "Well, Thomas." said the Fat Controller "I'll have to go and warn lots of other engines yet." he said, "And where will you find shelter?" asked Thomas "Either my home or my office, who knows? Besides, it's engines first on my railway.", said the Fat Controller "Anyways, I've got to warn a lot of other engines about this storm and I'll see yous in the morning." "Goodbye sir!" said the engines, and he drove away. But Thomas was very worried "Does that mean we won't get any sleep tonight?" asked Annie "Oh, I'm sure we will do dear." said Clarabel. Just then a gust of wind blew a tree right past the shed "What was that?!" gasped the engines "It must have been a tree flying past." said Gordon. Just then another gust of wind blew an object past the sheds. "That was a newspaper." said Edward. Then the wind started blowing the shed doors. The doors creaked and shook, the engines were scared "Cinders and Ashes!" cried Thomas "I've never seen or heard anything like this before!" "Don't worry, at least the shed doors won't open." said Bear, "The Fat Controller has shut them so they won't open during the night, even when the wind blows through the doors." said Emily, but all of the engines couldn't get to sleep at all, especially Thomas.
The next morning, Thomas woke up, he was very tired due to not getting any sleep that night. He could see that the sky was bright blue again through his shed door. "*yawn* Let's see what this storm has caused recently." he said "What about you Edward, Henry, Geoffrey, Emily, Duck, Percy, Bear, Gordon?", but they didn't hear Thomas as they were still asleep "I'll have to look around the island myself than shall I?" yawned Thomas. His driver opened the shed door and when he looked outside the shed, he could hardly believe his eyes. The Island of Sodor was in turmoil "Bust my buffers!" gasped Thomas. "What has this storm been up to last night?" "Let's go and check shall we?" said his driver. So Thomas puffed out of the shed to investigate the damage.
Thomas looked around. The storm had caused a lot of damage, the shed at Farmer McColl's Farm had lost its roof tiles, and trees were scattered everywhere in forests. But when Thomas arrived at the Windmill, he could not believe his eyes. "Cinders and Ashes!" cried Thomas "The Windmill too? Wow! This storm is fierce." he said to himself "It'd take a long time for the Windmill to be rebuilt." said the driver, and Thomas puffed away.
He arrived at Arlesburgh Junction and was shocked to find that the sheds were damaged "What happened here?" asked Thomas "Well..." said Rex, "Last night, the storm was really bad, and it sunk the shed roof into Mike's berth and he tried to escape, but the roof landed on him and now he's trapped." explained Rex "It will take a long time for Mike to be freed." said Bert "Help! Help! Someone get me out of here!" murmured Mike, "I can hardly speak in here!..." "Oh be quiet!" shouted Bert "You've been asking for help all morning!" he said. "Don't worry." said Thomas "I'll try and find Harvey and Rocky and they'll get you out.", he said. "Thank you, but just please get me out!" shouted Mike crossly, and the blue tank engine puffed away. Thomas found Harvey and Rocky in the yards "Hello Harvey." said Thomas, "Oh, Hello Thomas!" said Harvey "Can you go to Arlesburgh Junction, Mike needs your help urgently?" "Right away Thomas!" said Harvey and he puffed away with Rocky. Thomas chuffed into the shunting yards where Donald, Douglas and Sidney and saw that there were a lot of trucks derailed "Cinders and Ashes!" cried Thomas "What happened here?!" "Aye, 'dis storm haes caused havoc in th' yards." explained Donald "And noow it's a mess!" said Douglas "Luckily." said Sidney, "The only thing that wasn't really destroyed in the storm was Farmer McColl's milk churns, he'll be happy!" said Sidney, "Yes, he loves his milk." said Thomas "Anyways, I'd best be off, I have lots of other places to visit, I'll see you guys later." and Thomas puffed away, "Wait, why am I here?" thought Sidney, the twins rolled their eyes and said nothing. Thomas went over Henry's Tunnel, but there was a fallen signal blocking the line "Botheration!" he said, "Now I'll have to go a different way!" and the tank engine backed away to a junction, and went down the other line. Thomas arrived at Crovan's Gate and saw Sir Handel derailed, he had ran onto a broken part of the track, "What happened here?" Thomas asked "Well, there's a lot to explain." said Sir Handel "But what happened?!" asked Thomas, "I don't know really, but I was heading towards the station with my passengers and then I saw a broken part of the rails, I tried to stop but I couldn't." explained Sir Handel, "Oh!" said Thomas "It looks like the storm has broken part of the rails too." said Thomas "Anyways, I'll see you later Sir Handel!" said Thomas and he chuffed away.
He arrived at the quarry where Skarloey and Rheneas were. "What happened here?" asked Thomas, "Well..." said Rheneas, "The storm was really bad last night and it blew boulder right off the mountain side and it crashed into the engine sheds." "That happened before, you know." said Skarloey, "I know." said Thomas "But anyways I'll see yous two later!" and he chuffed away. Thomas saw many damaged places on Sodor, first the old shed where Elizabeth was hidden in, the washdown, and many signalboxes were also shattered. Thomas was puffing along the line and then he saw Duke "Hi Duke." said Thomas, "What's happened here?" "I don't know." said Duke, "I was heading for the station to pick up my coaches and then this boat randomly appeared in front of me." "That's amazing!" said Thomas, "I know." said Duke, "Back on my old railway, nothing ever happened like this." said Duke "OK Duke, I'll see you later", said Thomas and the blue tank engine chuffed quickly away. "Good Luck." called Duke. But when Thomas arrived at the docks, he couldn't believe his eyes. The docks were as messy as any other place on the island yet "Bust my buffers!, just what has happened to this place?!" asked Thomas "Yah!" said Salty, "The storm has messed up the docks me hearty.", he said "The Brendam warehouse has been damaged severely" said Porter, "A barge has crashed right into the deck of the docks matey!" said Salty "And the wind was so strong it even blew Cranky over." said Porter "Help! Help! Somebody get help!" wailed Cranky "I'll call for the breakdown train." said Thomas, as he puffed away. He arrived at Ffarquhar where Murdoch was, but Thomas was so shocked by the look of the station, he almost popped a piston. "W-What happened here?!" asked Thomas in confusion, "Why's the roof of the station gone?", "Here's how it happened." said Murdoch, "The storm was so fierce last night that it blew the roof of the station off." Murdoch explained "And now because it was raining as well last night during the storm, the station is very wet!" he said "The top station on my very own branch line got destroyed by the storm, that's just very strange." said Thomas "I know." said Murdoch "Besides that, I'll see you later." and Thomas chuffed away.
When Thomas arrived at the Steamworks, he saw Charlie on the hoist, "What happened with Charlie?" asked Thomas, "Well!" said Charlie "When I was resting in his shed," he said, "The thunder and lightning during the storm last night struck his funnel and now it's cracked." "But are you still okay?" asked Thomas worriedly, "Yes Thomas, I'm fine." said Charlie, just then Kevin raced up with Charlie's new funnel "Here's the new funnel boss." said Kevin, "OK Kevin, now place the funnel on top of Charlie's smokebox." said Victor "Yes boss." said Kevin, so Kevin placed Charlie's funnel on top of him, but he missed "Oops, that wasn't meant to happen," said Kevin. So he tried again and this time, he did it "Thanks Kevin." said Charlie, "Now I can be cheeky Charlie again." he said and Charlie raced out of the Steamworks, "Ok, my friend." said Victor "Why did you come?" "As you can see Victor." said Thomas, "I'm going around Sodor to see what this storm has been up to." he said, "Ok, my friend." said Victor, "Good luck!" shouted Victor. "Thanks Victor!" said Thomas as he puffed out of the Steamworks.
Thomas was still looking around the island for any damaged places, he passed the Coaling Plant and saw the coal hopper lay down across the tracks with coal and damaged trucks everywhere. "Oh my..." said Thomas "That is bad!". Then he puffed past Ffarquhar Quarry and he saw rocks all over the track as there had been a landslide during the storm. Then he puffed past Arlesdale End and saw the station roof was damaged "Cinders and ashes!" cried Thomas. Luckily however, Toby's shed was still okay "Well, it's a good thing that Toby's shed is still okay." said Thomas as he went on his way. "*sigh* This storm has caused many damages to the island recently, and many engines and rolling stock are derailed, trapped and broken down." he said to himself. "Just what can I do?" Thomas thought worriedly, but as he approached Knapford station, he saw the Fat Controller standing on the platform. He looked very unhappy. "What's wrong, sir?" asked Thomas "*sigh* It's just the island of Sodor, the storm has caused many buildings to be damaged and a lot of engines and rolling stock are all derailed." "And what else is happening?" asked Thomas "Well, the railway inspector is coming to Sodor soon!" said the Fat Controller "What day will he arrive?" Thomas asked "He'll be arriving on Friday, and today's Tuesday." the controller explained "There's only two more days left and I have a slight feeling that Sodor won't be cleaned in time for his visit." said the Fat Controller. Then Thomas had an idea "Don't worry." said Thomas, "We ''can'' clean Sodor in time for his visit." "What do you mean?" asked the Fat Controller "Well, do you remember when Henry's Forest was destroyed by that storm?" said Thomas "Well, all the engines helped clean up the mess and the forest was soon clean and peaceful again.", said Thomas, "You do have a point there Thomas, me and you shall go and tell the other engines at once." "Yes sir!" said Thomas, and they set off to tell the other engines.
First, Thomas saw Geoffrey at the yard outside Knapford station, Thomas told Geoffrey about the plan "Hi, Geoffrey." said Thomas, "Oh, Hello Thomas." said Geoffrey, "I have something to tell you." said Thomas "Really, what is it?" Geoffrey asked "Well, me and the Fat Controller are going around the island to tell everyone to clean up Sodor, because the railway inspector is coming to Sodor on Friday, and we need everyone to help out, can you please go and tell our friends about the plan." Thomas asked, "Of course!" said Geoffrey "I'm always happy to help." he said, "Thank you, Geoffrey." said Thomas, "Now you'd best be going." said Thomas "Right Away." and Geoffrey chuffed away. Geoffrey told many other engines about Thomas' plan. First he told BoCo, then BoCo told Bill, Bill told Ben, and Ben told Stanley, "We'll make this island as good as new in no time!" said Stanley, "Could we play tricks still?" asked Ben "No, not this time!" said Timothy. "We don't want this island to stay in ruins forever, do we?" "Well... No we can't." said Ben. "Right then." said Timothy "Now off you go." "Aww!" sighed Bill "Yes Timothy!" said Ben as the twins puffed off to work. The Thin Controller had heard about this and went to tell his engines. "Okay everyone." he said "You must all help clean the island from the storm last night." said the Thin Controller "Now get going." and he left. The narrow gauge engines were ready to help "Alright everyone, let's make the island of Sodor nice and tidy again." said Skarloey, "Yes." said Rheneas, "The railway inspector is coming tomorrow and we need to work are hardest." said Rheneas, "Yes we do." said Peter Sam, "Thomas thought of the idea of cleaning the island, and now the engines on the North Western Railway are helping too." said Peter Sam "I'll probably be doing track repairs as always." said Rusty "Pah!" said Duncan, "You're only a diesel and ye can never tell th' truth.", he said "Listen Duncan." said Rusty, "As we will be doing the work until midnight, don't complain about it especially when the railway inspector arrives, as every engine has to do their work as well as their own." "Ye do have a point there, Rusty." said Duncan, "And a don't believe I'm saying this, but, ye right, a can't grumble even if it is extra work." said Duncan "Good." said Rusty, "Then that's settled.", "You won't believe what I saw today." said Duke, "What?" asked Sir Handel "I was puffing along the line heading to the station to collect my coaches and then a boat was on the line right in front of me." "What! Seriously?" asked Rheneas, "Yes, even ask Thomas if you don't believe me.", "Anyway!" said Bertram, "Shouldn't we be getting to work right now?" "Yes." said Peter Sam, "We should.", "Then let's not just stand here scallywags." said Duke, "Get moving!", so all the little engines went to work. Meanwhile however, all the other engines received the message "This looks like a job for an Express engine like me." said Gordon "And a big strong engine like me." said Henry "And an engine who's red paint is sparkly than mine!" said James "You'll all have to work together." said the Fat Controller "The railway inspector is coming tomorrow, and you must all work hard to clean the whole island." he said "And this'll probably miss some of your time of sleeping as well." said the Fat Controller "Don't worry." said Henry "We don't mind do we James." "Exactly, Henry!" said James. Just then Bear came into Knapford with a goods train "I don't mind losing some of my time of sleeping either." he said, "Neither do I." said Donald as he puffed in, "Me too!" said Douglas who also puffed in, "Good!" said the Fat Controller, "Anyways, let's get to work!", he said, "Yes, sir!" said the engines and they chuffed off to work.
(''There's a Job for Everyone plays'')
Soon the engines got to work. They're very busy indeed, lifting rolling stock, lifting branches and other debris which had fallen onto the line, repairing the sites which had been damaged during the storm and doing their own work. The engines were busy all afternoon, they're so busy cleaning up, that they forgot all about the railway inspector. Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas were helping out by cleaning the mess at Haultraugh. "You know Oliver, but this might take forever." said Duck "Oh, I don't think it will." said Oliver, "It's just that this storm has been very bad." said the Great Western tank engine "I agree with you Mr. Oliver." said Toad, "It won't take that long to clean up. Besides, the railway inspector's coming tomorrow." "Oh yes, I forgot about that." said Oliver, "Me too!" said Duck, "Aye, the more we start workin' the quicker tomorrow will come." said Donald, "Aye!", said Douglas, "Donal's right!", he said, "Anyway laddies, no chattin', carry oon working." said Donald, so the four engines carried on working. The other engines were still working, they're were very tired, but they never gave up and carried on working. The Pack were also working to help clean Sodor in time for the railway inspector's visit. "This is hard work." said Alfie "I know." said Jack "But we still need to carry on working until this island is spotless again." said Jack "Come on gang!" said Oliver "Carry on working!" "Yes, Oliver." said Alfie, so Jack and Alfie continued their work, Marion was enjoying lifting dirt and rocks which had fallen onto the line "Hey Jack, Alfie, Oliver!" cried Marion "Do you want to play "Guess What's in my Shove-" "NOOO!" cried the three machines "Oh, Okay." and Marion continued to work.
Soon on Thursday night, Thomas the Tank Engine was at Tidmouth Sheds with Annie and Clarabel, and soon. The Island of Sodor was in tip-top shape, everything was repaired. The Fat Controller was very impressed. "Thomas, you're a really useful engine, your plan worked after all." "I know sir. It certainly did." "The railway inspector is coming tomorrow and you're asked to show him round the island.", Thomas beamed from buffer to buffer. "Now you must get some sleep, because if you didn't get any sleep tomorrow, what do you think would happen?" asked the Fat Controller. Thomas thought carefully "Is it. If I don't get any sleep tonight, I'll be too tired to wake up in the morning and the railway inspector will have to travel with somebody else?" asked Thomas "Exactly Thomas." said the Fat Controller "And do you want to show the railway inspector around the island?" "Yes sir, I really do sir!" said Thomas "Well then Thomas." said the Fat Controller "I'll see you in the morning." said the Fat Controller and he drove away.
The next morning. The railway inspector arrived. "Greetings railway inspector!" said the Fat Controller "Hello, Sir Topham Hatt!" said the Railway Inspector "I'm here to look around the whole railway of yours!" he said "Okay!" said the Fat Controller, "And you'll be riding in Thomas the Tank Engine, the Number 1 engine of the North Western Railway." "So is that the name of your railway Sir Topham Hatt?" the railway inspector asked "Yes, it's called the North Western Railway, but they're many other railways on the island as well as the Skarloey Railway, which is a railway run by the narrow gauge engines, the Estate Railway, what Sir Robert Norramby aka the Earl of Sodor runs, the Arlesdale Railway, which is a railway with miniature engines and the Culdee Fell Railway, a railway which is run by mountain engines, "Very interesting." said the inspector, "Anyways." said the Fat Controller "It's time for Thomas to show you around the island of Sodor.", the controller said. So the Fat Controller and the railway inspector climbed aboard Annie, and Thomas set off on his journey "Nice sheds." said the railway inspector "Oh Thank you." said the Fat Controller, "Who are these?" asked the railway inspector, "Those two..." said the Fat Controller "Are Edward and Rocky, they help rescue any engine who is in trouble." he said, "Interesting." said the railway inspector.
Thomas puffed happily through the countryside "Wow, what a beautiful countryside." said the railway inspector "Thank you." said the Fat Controller. Then they came into the yards. "Who are these engines?" asked the railway inspector, "Oh." said the Fat Controller, "These engines are Henry, Toby, Emily, Charlie and Fergus." "Wait, Fergus is a traction engine right?" asked the railway inspector. "Yes, he is indeed." said the Fat Controller "I work at the Cement Works." said Fergus "I'm also the 'Pride of the Cement Works!'" "Very interesting!" said the railway inspector. They puffed more further into the yard "Oh, and who are these engines and vehicles?" asked the railway inspector, "These engines..." said the Fat Controller "Are Percy, Stepney, Bulgy, Bertie, Gordon, Oliver, Toad, Marion, Jack, Alfie, Oliver the excavator, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Geoffrey and Terence." "Impressive!" said the railway inspector. "But how come there are two Olivers?" asked the railway inspector "I don't know." said the Fat Controller "But all I know is that Oliver the excavator was going to be named Buster. But his name was changed." said the Fat Controller "Ahh, I see." said the railway inspector. Then Thomas chuffed away. Then they reached Henry's Tunnel "Who are these two tank engine twins?" asked the railway inspector "These two..." said the Fat Controller "Are Bill and Ben, two tank engine twins who work at the Sodor China Clay Company, when Henry's Tunnel was damaged during the storm, they helped rebuild the tunnel." he said "That's good." said the railway inspector. "Oh, and the blue engine there is Timothy, he's an oil-burning engine who helps keep Bill and Ben in order." "Ahh, I get it." said the railway inspector "A lot of people do that actually." Then they came to the docks "What's this place?" asked the railway inspector, "This place..." said the Fat Controller "Is Brendam Docks, the busiest place on the island, the engines and vehicles who work here are called Salty, Porter and Cranky, and this was the place with the most damage on the entire island "Ah, I see." said the Railway Inspector, "Oh, and I can see that this engine is Harvey." said the inspector, "I can tell by the name on his side tanks." he said "Yes, you're right." said the Fat Controller "But how come Harvey is a crane '''engine'''?" asked the railway inspector in confusion "Well..." began the Fat Controller "When Harvey first arrived on Sodor, the engines use to say that he looked different." explained the Fat Controller "But now they think he is really useful." "Interesting indeed!" said the railway inspector and he wrote it down into his notebook. Then Thomas chuffed away to their next stop. They arrived at Ffarquhar "What's this station?" asked the railway inspector "This station is Ffarquhar Station." said the Fat Controller, "This is the top station on Thomas' branch line." "I see." said the railway inspector, "But who's that big orange engine over there?" "That engine is Murdoch." said the Fat Controller, "He's one of our goods engines who usually takes goods trains to the Other Railway." "I see now." said the railway inspector. So they puffed away and arrived at Crovan's Gate "What's this station?" asked the railway inspector, "This station is Crovan's Gate." said the Fat Controller "A station which runs on both standard gauge and narrow gauge engines lines", he said "Narrow gauge engines come here to drop off their passengers so the standard gauge engines can take them to their destinations." "That's interesting." said the railway inspector and then Thomas chuffed to the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds. "Who are these little engines?" asked the railway inspector. "These engines are Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Duke and Bertram." said the Fat Controller "I can see that they are narrow gauge engines." said the inspector "Yes, they are." said the Fat Controller, and then Thomas set off to Arlesburgh Junction. When they arrived, the inspector almost jumped off his seat in confusion. "Goodness me, who are those engines?" "Those engines are Bert, Rex, Mike, Jock and Frank." said the Fat Controller "And they're miniature engines." he said "I've never heard of miniature engines before." said the railway inspector "You've never seen miniature engines before?" asked the Fat Controller "No I haven't." said the inspector "Oh." and Thomas puffed away to the Quarry "Is this a quarry?" asked the railway inspector, "Yes!" said the Fat Controller "And I can see that, that's Thumper." said the railway inspector "Indeed it is." said the Fat Controller, and Thomas chuffed away. They reached the Sodor Steamworks "This is the place where steam engines on my railway get repaired at." said the Fat Controller "And the two who are in charge of the Steamworks are Victor and Kevin. There they are over there." "I can see them." said the railway inspector. Kevin had a load of pipes on his hook and he went too quickly as he turned, the pipes fell on the ground and he fell over. "Ow!" said Kevin. The Fat Controller blushed hoping the railway inspector wouldn't be cross. But he wasn't "He was laughing like mad! Very funny little crane you've got there Sir Topham Hatt!" said the railway inspector "Well!" said the Fat Controller "Kevin can be clumsy sometimes, but he's still useful on my railway." said the Fat Controller. "Very interesting!" said the railway inspector and they set off. They arrived at Knapford station "What's this big station?" asked the railway inspector, "This station." said the Fat Controller "Is Knapford station. One of the main stations on my railway." he explained "Sounds very interesting!" said the railway inspector. "Oh and who's that red tender engine standing in the middle platform?" asked the inspector "This red engine here is James, he's the number 5 engine of my railway and he loves his red paintwork. He doesn't like it getting dirty." said the Fat Controller "I see." said the railway inspector "And who's that diesel railcar standing in Platform 4?" asked the railway inspector. "That is Daisy, the diesel railcar." said the Fat Controller "She can carry passengers without needing coaches." "I am highly-sprung." Daisy said to the railway inspector "Yes, of course!" said the Fat Controller "Now, to the next place." said the Fat Controller and Thomas puffed out of the station. The last place they visited was Gordon's Hill. "This is the final place we'll look at." said the Fat Controller, "This hill is Gordon's Hill." the Fat Controller explained to the inspector "It was nicknamed Gordon's Hill because once Gordon got stuck on the hill while pulling a goods train and Edward, the engine we met earlier with Rocky pushed him up the hill." said the Fat Controller "I see." said the inspector, and then Thomas puffed back to the sheds.
They arrived back to Tidmouth Sheds "And that..." said the Fat Controller "Is the end of our trip. Did you like it?" asked the Fat Controller "Yes, indeed!" said the railway inspector, "Good." said the Fat Controller. Then Thomas puffed into Tidmouth Yards. The railway inspector climbed out of Annie, and checked his book "Mmmm... Let's see, all those other railways I've visited." said the railway inspector "The Island of Sodor is in first place." he said, "HOORAY!" cheered the engines. They cheered and whistled happily. But no one could be more happier than Thomas.
* [[Thomas]]
* [[Edward]]
* [[Henry]]
* [[Gordon]]
* [[James]]
* [[Percy]]
* [[Toby]]
* [[Duck]]
* [[Donald and Douglas]]
* [[Oliver]]
* [[Bill and Ben]]
* [[Stepney]]
* [[Geoffrey]]
* [[Harvey]]
* [[Emily]]
* [[Fergus]]
* [[Murdoch]]
* [[Stanley]]
* [[Charlie]]
* [[Porter]]
* [[Timothy]]
* [[Daisy]]
* [[BoCo]]
* [[Bear]]
* [[Salty]]
* [[Sidney]]
* [[Stafford]]
* [[Marion]]
* [[Skarloey]]
* [[Rheneas]]
* [[Sir Handel]]
* [[Peter Sam]]
* [[Duncan]]
* [[Duke]]
* [[Bertram]]
* [[Victor]]
* [[Rusty]]
* [[Bert]]
* [[Rex]]
* [[Mike]]
* [[Annie and Clarabel]]
* [[Toad]]
* [[Terence]]
* [[Bertie]]
* [[Bulgy]]
* [[Cranky]]
* [[Jack]]
* [[Alfie]]
* [[Oliver (The Pack)]]
* [[Kevin]]
* [[The Fat Controller]]
* [[Mr. Percival|The Thin Controller]]
* [[Minor Human Characters#The Railway Inspector|The Railway Inspector]]
* [[Workmen|A Workman]]
* [[Jock]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Frank]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Rocky]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Thumper]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Ned]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Sir Robert Norramby]] (''does not speak'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#Sodor Brass Band|Sodor Brass Band]] (''do not speak'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#The Thin Clergyman|The Thin Clergyman]] (''not named; does not speak'')
* [[Arthur]] (''cameo'')
* [[Rosie]] (''cameo'')
* [[Diesel]] (''cameo'')
* [[Mavis]] (''cameo'')
* [[Derek]] (''cameo'')
* [[Henrietta]] (''cameo'')
* [[Trevor]] (''cameo'')
* [[George]] (''cameo'')
* [[Max and Monty]] (''cameo'')
* [[Buster]] (''cameo'')
* [[Captain]] (''cameo'')
* [[Lady Hatt]] (''cameo'')
* [[Stephen Hatt]] (''cameo'')
* [[Bridget Hatt]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#Mrs. Kyndley|Mrs. Kyndley]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#Farmer Finney|Farmer Finney]] (''cameo'')
* [[Jem Cole]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#Farmer Trotter|Farmer Trotter]] (''cameo'')
* [[Dowager Hatt]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#Nancy|Nancy]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#The Storyteller|The Storyteller]] (''cameo'')
* [[Minor Human Characters#The Policeman|The Policeman]] (''cameo'')
* [[Elizabeth]] (''mentioned'')
* [[Farmer McColl]] (''mentioned'')
* [[Kelly]] (''music video cameo'')
* Three Tier Bridge
* The Lighthouse
* Trestle Bridge
* Coastal Cliffs
* Callan
* Knapford
* Knapford Station Yard
* Brendam Docks
* Sodor Shipping Company
* The Windmill
* Ffarquhar
* Knapford Yards
* The Fat Controller's Office
* Tidmouth Sheds
* Kellsthorpe Road
* Farmer McColl's Farm
* Arlesburgh Junction
* Henry's Tunnel
* Crovan's Gate
* Boulder Quarry
* Elizabeth's Shed
* Anopha Quarry
* Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds
* Sodor Steamworks
* Wellsworth Vicarage Orchard
* Bulgy's Bridge
* The Viaduct
* The Coaling Plant
* Haultraugh
* Arlesdale End
* Toby's Shed
* Blue Mountain Quarry
* Sodor China Clay Company
* Gordon's Hill
* Wellsworth (''mentioned'')
* Henry's Forest (''mentioned'')
* The Estate Railway (''mentioned'')
* Topham Hall (''indirectly mentioned'')
* [[There's a Job for Everyone]] (''Thomas and the Storm version'')
* This is the first special of a few things:
** The first special of [[Thomas' Sodor Adventures]].
** The first and only special to date where engines numbered 1 to 11 have all spoke in the same episode or special.
** Stafford's first speaking role in the series.
* References to the first season episode ''Edward and Gordon'', the third season episode ''Henry's Forest'' and the fifth season episode ''Rusty and the Boulder'' and the special ''Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure'' are made.
* The Fat Controller telling the railway inspector that Oliver the excavator was originally meant to be called Buster is a reference to how in the real series, Oliver's name was originally Buster according to an artwork by Robert Gauld-Galliers.
* This special takes place between the [[Season 2 (Thomas' Sodor Adventures)|second]] and [[Season 3 (Thomas' Sodor Adventures)|third seasons]].
* The special aired on Channel 5 Milkshake! on New Years Day 2015.
* At Tidmouth Sheds, during the storm, James is not in the sheds, yet all the other engines were there, it is unknown where James stayed during the night.
* There are several mistakes in the characters list in the end credits, these being:
** Bulgy's name is not listed in the credits despite him appearing and speaking in the special.
** Rocky's name appears listed in the credits despite him not having a speaking role in the special.
** [[Luke]]'s name appears listed in the credits despite him not making an appearance at all in the special.
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