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Tidmouth in Winter is the first level of Thomas & Friends: Racing around Sodor. The playable characters for this level are Thomas and Henry. Unlike other levels excluding Edward's Branch Line and The Little Western. This level can be purchased for free.

Playable Characters


Rolling Stock

  • Annie and Clarabel (Annie obtained after Level 3; Clarabel obtained after Level 8)
  • Red Branch Line Coaches (obtained after Level 6)
  • Flatbed with Christmas Presents (obtained after Level 5)
  • Jerome and Judy (free; during October 2016 update)
  • Red Express Coaches (not pullable; seen at Knapford station)
  • Red Trucks (not pullable; seen in Knapford Station Yard and the Shunting Yards being pulled by Rosie and Stanley, seen being shunted by Stafford in the yards and seen at the yard at Tidmouth Sheds)
  • Flatbeds with Crates (not pullable; seen at Shunting Yards being pulled by Sidney)


  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Knapford
  • Knapford Station Yard
  • Shunting Yards
  • Maithwaite
  • Dryaw
  • Town Square
  • Arlesburgh Junction


  • This is one of the two levels to feature Thomas, the second being Ulfstead Castle, although he was later replaced by Glynn during the October 2016 update.
  • This is the only level of the game to feature Henry and Thomas (after the October 2016 update).
  • Jerome and Judy were originally going to appear in this level during the first release of the game, but they didn't appear in the game until the October 2016 update.
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