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Ulfstead Castle is the sixth level of Thomas & Friends: Racing around Sodor. The playable characters for this level are Glynn and Stephen, Thomas was originally the playable character for this level, but on October 7th 2016, a new update was released, replacing Thomas with Glynn, like The Main Line and Sodor China Clay Company. This level is purchasable and can not be purchased if the player doesn't have the right amount of cost for the level.

Playable Characters

  • Thomas (former playable until October 2016 update)
  • Stephen
  • Glynn (with October 2016 update)


Rolling Stock

  • The Open-Topped Carriage (obtained after Level 3)
  • Stephen's Coaches (obtained after Level 7)
  • Red Express Coach (obtained after Level 12)
  • Millie's Open-Topped Carriage (not pullable; seen being pulled by Millie)
  • Dinosaur Flatbed (not pullable; seen being pulled by Samson)


  • Ulfstead Castle
  • Ulfstead Mine
  • The Dinosaur Park


  • This is the first and only level of the entire game not to feature any trucks.
  • This is the first and only level of the game to feature Stephen, as well as the first level to feature Samson, the second being Vicarstown.
  • This is the second level to feature Thomas, the first being Tidmouth in Winter, although, he was replaced by Glynn during the October 2016 update.
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