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"Never mind sir, early days."
— Winston's catchphrase

  • Builder: D Wickham & Co
  • Built: Sometime between 1948 and 1960
  • Configuration: 4w

Winston is the Fat Controller's track inspection vehicle.


Thomas was working with Annie and Clarabel when, whilst waiting at a red signal, they heard a strange honking noise - it turned out to be Winston, who was new to the railway. After much going about to and fro, Winston managed to stop to allow the Fat Controller to tell Thomas that he was to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry whilst Paxton was under repair. A few days later, Winston came to the Blue Mountain Quarry with the Fat Controller and Mr. Percival with a message for Thomas that Paxton's repairs were completed. Later on the following day, Winston saw the Fat Controller taking no interest in Diesel's suggestions about Luke. However, he brought him and Mr. Percival to the Blue Mountain Quarry, having being informed by a very worried and confused Paxton.


Winston is as devotedly thoughtful and loyal as a butler. He is willing, helpful, and very patient with Sir Topham Hatt's, frankly, terrible driving skills, often reminding him that it is still "early days" whenever something goes wrong. Winston helps the Fat Controller navigate about the railway without inconveniencing any of the engines while they are going about their work. Being a car on rails, he may look unconventional, but Winston is highly tolerant, considerate, sensitive to others, and is only too happy to do what he can for Sir Topham Hatt, though he can, at times, become rather distracted.


Winston is painted red. He has a gold nameplate on either side.



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